Celebrating Social Enterprise Day with Vale Plus Projects



Jane was pleased to visit two social enterprises in her constituency, to help showcase their work and find out how they are making a difference to local people’s lives.  Vale Plus is a wonderful day centre for learning disabled adults, and several years ago they branched out  and opened the Nova Charity Shop,  and more recently Cafe Number 5, both in High St, Barry. Both social enterprises are staffed by ValePlus clients, who have received training in the skills necessary to undertake this work. ValePlus makes a real difference to local people’s lives.

The social enterprise sector is vital to the Welsh economy and fosters positive social change in communities throughout Wales.  The total value of the sector is £1.7 billion,  and it employs 38,000 people across Wales.  It
provides a large number of volunteering opportunities, with 56% of organisations reporting that they engage with at least ten volunteers.

Social enterprises have clear social or environmental goals and re-invest profits back into the businesses to further these goals.  They put something back into the communities they operate in – whether that is training and job
creation, or providing essential support services to vulnerable people, or providing leisure opportunities and access to green spaces.

Thank you ValePlus!


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