UK Government changes to Tax Credits will negatively affect Vale families

AM Jane Hutt is concerned that the UK Government’s decision to impose the cut of around 10% to the monthly income of local families will have a real impact on their living standards, the life chances of children growing up in these households and the local economy.

The changes will affect three million working families across the UK. In the Vale of Glamorgan alone, around six thousand families will be affected. Figures show that families will be on average £1,300 worse off but that some will be up to £3,000 worse off.

She said: “Tax Credits are designed to ensure that work pays. Cutting them undermines the value of work, and means that the UK Government is penalising those who work hard day after day just to get by. I am asking residents to join me in sending a clear message to the UK Government that these cuts to working people’s living standards are unacceptable.”

“This is another example of how the UK Government is making working families bear the brunt of deficit reduction while some of the wealthiest people in the country have received a tax cut.”

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