Road Safety Concerns at Llysworney

21 12 15 Llysworney 1

On December 19th, Vale AM Jane Hutt met Llysworney resident Mr Paul Bryant, to discuss long standing concerns regarding road safety in the village.

 Jane has been told by  Mr Bryant and other concerned residents that the B4268, which links the A48 to Llandow and Llantwit Major, has been the subject of local safety campaigns,  and that on the edge of Llysworney, toward Llandow, the road narrows into a long, single lane stretch with passing places, commonly referred to as ‘the narrows.’  There are concerns about speeding traffic on this stretch,  and there appear to be a considerable number of HGVs using the road too, which is contributing to congestion and exacerbating the problem.  

Jane has raised these concerns with the Vale of Glamorgan Council on behalf of residents, and asked for measures such as a pedestrian crossing and speed enforcement to be considered.

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