Defibrillator Saving Lives at Habanas

HabanasThe defibrillator at Habanas in High Street, Barry is helping to save lives!
Defibrillators are being promoted and highlighted throughout February 2016 in public places and high street premises like Habanas bar, High St, Barry, which is open from 9.00am to late in the evening.
Vaughan Gething AM, Welsh Government Deputy Minister for Health,  visited Habanas with Jane Hutt AM and Bryan Foley,  lead volunteer for Barry First Responders who trained the high street businesses to use the defibrillator, which was  donated by the Barry Rotary Club.
Jane Hutt said,
“I understand the Habanas defibrillator was used on more than one occasion during the Christmas period,  to help save lives in this busy shopping street in Barry. Wonderful service to the community!”
Jane Hutt AM, Vaughan Gething AM, Richard Patterson  and Bryan Foley at Habanas

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