Jane Hutt AM Meets Economy Minister in Support of BAMC



Over the past few weeks Vale AM, Jane Hutt, has been aware and engaged in clarifying workforce issues at BAMC (British Airways Maintenance Centre) which are of great concern.

 She understands that BAMC has proposals affecting the Company’s skilled and loyal workforce involving jobs, terms and conditions which are the subject of negotiations with Unite the Union, their workforce representatives and management.

She has attended meetings with the workforce and pledged her support for BAMC which plays such a vital role in the aerospace industry in South Wales in support of British Airways.

At a meeting with the Minister Edwina Hart, Jane raised questions about the scale and level of support for BAMC by the Welsh Government and received assurances about the active engagement of the Welsh Government in support of the BAMC site in Rhoose which is located in the St Athan Enterprise Zone.

She said: “The British Maintenance Airways Centre (BAMC) is a key employer in the Vale of Glamorgan playing a vital role in aircraft maintenance with a loyal, skilled workforce including apprentices.

“BAMC has been supported in many ways, over the years, by the Welsh Government and I met with the Minister for Economy, Science and Transport this week to clarify and confirm ways in which we can engage in the current challenging situation.

“As a result of this meeting I am ready to meet with BAMC Chiefs to explore ways we can support the Company and its workforce.”

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