Jane Hutt Supports Villagers in Treoes

photo (3)Jane Hutt wrote to Bridgend County Council officials after hearing from residents of Treoes,  a village on the outskirts of the Vale of Glamorgan. The residents had raised concerns about a planning application which could have a  detrimental impact on the village – see Jane’s letter below:- 

Dear Sir/Madam

Ref: P/16/216/RLX



Ref: P/15/132/FUL

I am writing with regard to the above planning applications.

I am aware of long standing concerns raised by residents of nearby Treoes village in the Vale of Glamorgan, with regard to noise levels from the Ward Jones storage site Waterton.   These were first raised with me in 1999-2001and I supported Treoes residents, making representations to Bridgend County Borough Council on this issue.

I understand that it was a condition of the original 2002 planning permission that the site operates during daytime hours only.   (Ref: P/02/607/FUL)

The application P/16/216/RLX requests that this condition be removed to allow 24/7 operation.   But, this condition was recommended in order to lessen the impact of noise

pollution on neighbouring residents in Treoes.  Furthermore, it has been ignored as the site is subject to an enforcement complaint regarding unauthorised operation hours.

I am told that there have been ongoing noise pollution issues since 2015 which are causing great distress to Treoes residents.  I would ask that the original condition to operate during daytime hours only, be upheld.

Secondly, with reference to planning application Ref: P/15/132/FUL,  I understand that permission was given last year for a five acre greenfield site, which abuts the village of Treoes, to be developed for B1/B2 and B8 purposes.  This land adjoins the Ward Jones business.

I am told that when this application was agreed, it was stipulated that for ecological purposes and to maintain visual protection for Treoes residents, a minimum 5-10m bund of trees and hedging would be retained.

However, I understand that this condition has also been ignored and that trees and hedges have been removed, exposing the back gardens of Treoes villagers.

I would be grateful to know what action the Council has taken in response to the flouting of this condition.

I would be very grateful if my above objection regarding planning application Ref: P/16/216/RLX could be duly recorded and if the second issue regarding removal of trees and hedges could be investigated.

Yours faithfully

Jane Hutt

Candidate for the Vale of Glamorgan

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