Jane Hutt Signs Citizens Cymru Wales Commitment 2016


Jane Hutt recently met representatives of Citizens Cymru Wales to discuss their Citizen’s Committment. Citizens Cymru Wales  is part of Citizens UK, a registered charity (no. 1107264) working to build participation in public life and to develop the skills of effective participation among socially and economically disadvantaged communities. It is a  membership organisation of individual faith communities, schools and colleges, charities, housing associations and more. This commitment is a result of a major programme of research carried out over the past year, to consider what ordinary people and civil society more widely would like from the next government. http://www.citizensuk.org

After answering questions from the panel and an interesting and wide ranging discussion, Jane was happy to sign up to the Citizen’s Commitment.

Citizens Commitment 2016

  1. Make Wales a Living Wage Economy
  • promote the ‘Living Wage for Wales’ brand, using the Living Wage figure calculated annually by the Living Wage Foundation based on the cost of living;
  • make sure that Living Wage accreditation spreads across the whole public sector and to every organisation in receipt of Welsh Government funding by the end of the Assembly term, using all financial, policy and legislative tools at your disposal;
  • bring the proportion of accredited Living Wage employers in Wales across all sectors into line with Scotland.

 2. Keep a Welcome for Refugees in our Communities

  • support the resettlement of 2,500 Syrian refugees in Wales over the lifetime of the Assembly term, and make representations to the UK government to encourage them to resettle 50,000 Syrian refugees;
  • support community sponsorship of Syrian refugees in Wales and lobby the Home Office to allow selection of named refugees as part of the scheme, so that Syrians can be reunited with their family members in Wales
  1. Ensure Dignity in Social Care
  • publicly-funded careworkers receive at least the Living Wage and have the right to a regular contract and pay for travel time;
  • recipients of care receive a consistent carer wherever possible, & visits last 30 minutes;
  • the professionalisation of carework, with excellent training for the next generation of careworkers.

4. Meet with Citizens again within a month of being elected to discuss how we can work together to further these commitments.


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