Vale AM Species Champion for Vale Butterfly


As part of an initiative run by the Wales Environment Link (Wel), a coalition of environmental charities, Wales’ rarest species of animal, bird and plant are being assigned an Assembly Member each to champion their cause.

 Vale of Glamorgan AM Jane Hutt, has been paired with the High Brown Fritillary butterfly which was once widespread in Wales but is now only found in the Alun Valley near Ewenny in the Vale of Glamorgan.

Jane visited Ewenny last week with Russell Hobson, Head of Conservation, Butterfly Conservation Trust and volunteers, to learn more about the species. Jane said:

“The High Brown Fritillary is an orange butterfly with black wing markings.  Much of the historic losses of High Brown Fritillary populations are associated with the decline of bracken harvesting and grazing of bracken slopes.  The Vale High Brown Fritillary population is being protected and promoted by the hard work and efforts of volunteers.  To find out more, visit the Butterfly Conservation Wales website.”


Photo shows Jane Hutt with Russell Hobson from the Butterfly Conservation Trust and volunteers


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