Jane Sponsors Successful Event on Social Capital



Vale AM Jane Hutt was delighted to sponsor a successful Royal Society of Arts Cymru event at the Senedd that discussed how Wales can better help people connect, co-operate and collaborate – behaviours that underpin the development of social capital.

 The event, Can we build a new Social Capital Agenda, was pulled together by RSA fellow and Barry resident Andy Green who set up the BarryIdeasBank. The evening, which heard from several experts, focused on why fewer people are getting involved in doing things such as running groups and societies.

Jane said: ‘Social capital is more than just the glue holding us together. It is a springboard for how we can live better lives together. In an age where we increasingly do things alone, the need to co-operate, collaborate and co-create has never been more imperative.’

Photo shows Jane Hutt AM with Andy Green, Ian Hargreaves, Luke Loveridge, Prof Joyce Kenkre and Mark Hooper

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