First Minister Listened to Concerns: NRW consultation extension agreed


Following a ‘Carwyn Connects’ event in Barry last week, the First Minister relayed to Natural Resources Wales, (NRW) residents’ concerns regarding the application for an environmental permit to operate a Biomass plant.


NRW has now responded to the First Minister to say that it will be extending the determination date for the environmental permit.  NRW said:


“I can advise that after careful consideration of the information we’ve received to date, we will be extending the determination date…


As part of our public participation process, we held an initial public engagement session at Castleland Community Centre on 13 February. This was chaired by Jane Hutt and was attended by members of the local community, including representatives from the local action group – Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG)…We are committed to further engagement with the local community, their political representatives and DIAG…


We will confirm the new determination date in due course… We can therefore assure you that there will be further opportunities for the local residents and wider public to comment on this ongoing application determination before we make a decision.”


Jane Hutt said:


“I am very pleased that NRW has confirmed it will be extending the determination date for the environmental permit application and I would encourage local residents to respond at:

   Documents can also be viewed at Barry Library.  I will be chairing a meeting with NRW, local representatives and DIAG on May 8th and an agenda and questions will be agreed in advance with DIAG and NRW to ensure that specific concerns are responded to. ”

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