Barry Biomass – Latest Update from Jane Hutt


Jane Hutt AM chaired a meeting at Castleland Community Centre on Monday evening 11th September with DIAG (Docks Incinerator Action Group) and NRW (Natural Resources Wales.)

NRW confirmed that it welcomes continuing representations and open dialogue in response to the Schedule 5 Notice and subsequent public consultation, beyond the extended deadline.

Immediately before the meeting, DIAG with Jane Hutt AM, presented NRW with its extensive written response, together with the DIAG petition which has gathered 10,734 signatures as of today.

DIAG continues to gather additional information in support of its response and will submit this to NRW soon.

The CAPITA Report, as commissioned by Barry Town Council, raises questions as to some of the detail returned by Sol Environment in its response to the Schedule 5 Notice, and NRW will consider the CAPITA Report when assessing the application for an Environmental Permit.

DIAG received an update from NRW as to work undertaken since the last meeting on 3rd August and the steps that NRW will take in assessing the information submitted so far.

NRW confirmed they would now be considering all the responses to the consultation. DIAG will continue to provide evidence and Jane Hutt will Chair a meeting with DIAG and the South Wales Fire and Rescue Service on the Fire Prevention Plan.


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