Jane Joins St Athan Pupils for Science Week


Earlier this year, pupils from St Athan Primary School attended my annual Spring Breakfast – this year’s theme was ‘Engineering Change’  focussing on the importance of science, engineering, maths and technology (STEM). The pupils decided to make the week of 25 September their  STEM week.  During this week pupils heard more about STEM study and careers with some very interesting visitors and speakers.

I was pleased to be invited to visit the school on Wednesday September 27, when the Cardiff School of Engineering Racing team were meeting pupils to deliver a car presentation. STEM week at St Athan Primary was a huge success.  I am very pleased that my Spring Breakfast provided an opportunity for local schools like St Athan to network with companies like Aston Martin,  and the idea of holding a STEM week at the school is  fantastic. The skills gained through the study of STEM subjects are widely recognised as essential to the development of a prosperous and sustainable knowledge economy.  It is great to see primary school pupils being introduced to these subjects and future career options in a fun and engaging manner.

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