Ghandi’s Grandson Visits Anti-Slavery Stall at the Senedd

09 10 17 Sorops

After being approached by the Soroptimists, I helped them establish a stall in the Senedd in order to conduct a survey on people’s knowledge of human trafficking and slavery.

 Soroptimists from all over the UK are working with the UK Modern Slavery Training Delivery Group, to establish the public’s knowledge on these issues,  and use these results to inform and direct future work.

Whilst there, the Soroptimists’ stall was visited by Mahatma Ghandi’s grandson- Mr Satishkumar Dhupelia – who had been at the unveiling of the Ghandi statute in Cardiff which marks the 148th anniversary of his birth. 

As a member of the Barry Soroptimists, I was very pleased to support them in their UK wide survey to assess the public’s knowledge of human trafficking and modern day slavery.   These are extremely important issues which we must tackle head on.  It was very inspiring to speak to Mr Dhupelia at the stall,  and to hear about his grandfather’s vision for future generations to live in peace and treat each other with respect. I am very grateful to the Soroptimists for taking on this important issue. 

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