I am leaving the Cabinet after 18 and a half years of ministerial office in health, social services, equalities, education, finance and finally as Leader of the House and Chief Whip.

I have been very fortunate to be able to play my part in the founding years of the Assembly, helping to secure stability and confidence in a Welsh Labour Government throughout this time.

Guided always by my principles and values of social justice and fair play, I have taken every opportunity to help shape Policy to meet Welsh needs in the past 2 decades of devolution.

You have to stick to your principles in politics and keep your feet on the ground, listening to the people you serve, especially those without a strong voice. That’s what I have always sought to do.

I will continue to serve my constituents in the Vale of Glamorgan with dedication and commitment, thankful for the support I have received from them for so many years.’ -Jane Hutt AM

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  1. Thank you for all your hard work. You crammed so much into every day, never failing to turn up even if you had been at other events hours away. Thank you for your support with the art work David and I did with Romilly school children. We all enjoyed the visit to the Sennedd so much.


  2. You have always been a great woman in the world, Jane, always working wonders in the community and for women, particularly. I still remember staying with you in 1983 and am eternally grateful for the support you gave me which led on to wondrous and interesting things. Love and warmest wishes to you.


  3. Thank you for all you have done in the Cabinet but even more for all the good work you have done ( and will go on doing) here in the Vale You have always been a good friend to our school


  4. Thank you for your outstanding contributions to the cabinet. You have always been an inspirational role model
    for women and you leave a legacy in Wales. Meena


  5. Thank you for all the support and help you have provided for the schools in the Vale of Glamorgan. You have been inspirational.


  6. Grateful for the inspiration, support and example of how a ministerial career can be founded upon authenticity and integrity. Vale constituency so fortunate to continue to benefit from your dedicated service!


  7. Jane you are truly inspirational and have helped so many including our charity in the community of the Vale. We are very lucky to have you. Thank you


  8. You have served us well Jane.
    Your support for the Richard Taylor Memorial Skate Park has helped a whole generation of youngsters have freedom to express themselves with exercise.
    I wish you all the very best for your future
    Thank you


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