Statement from Jane Hutt AM on Barry Biomass

On Monday 13th November Jane Hutt AM chaired a DIAG (Docks Incinerator Action Group) Liaison group meeting at Castleland Community Centre. The meeting was  attended by the Chair of Natural Resources Wales, Diane MCrea MBE and senior NRW officers John Hogg and Nadia de Longhie. 

Following the presentation by DIAG of their detailed and extensive Submission, opposing the granting of an Environmental Permit to Biomass No. 2 Ltd., NRW responded saying they were ‘minded to take a draft decision to grant an Environmental Permit with conditions’.   

Jane Hutt AM and the DIAG Liaison Group expressed their deep disappointment with this announcement,  and called for an extended consultation period on the draft decision document and draft permit conditions. NRW agreed to consider this request and to attend a public meeting to hear the views of the people of Barry to which an invitation to the operator Biomass 2 would also be extended. Jane Hutt said:

 “The evidence against the granting of an Environmental Permit to Biomass is overwhelming. The Docks Incinerator Action Group (DIAG) has coordinated a significant campaign representing the views and concerns of the people of Barry with cross party backing from elected representatives. DIAG has held meetings with a range of statutory bodies to raise our deep concerns about the incinerator -regarding public health and well-being, environmental impacts and fire prevention.

NRW has repeatedly questioned Biomass on their permit application with unsatisfactory replies which are all in the public domain. This next stage of consultation on a ‘draft decision’ requires a robust response with an extended consultation of at least 8-10 weeks and I will play my part in contributing to this. It is important for people to know that the Environmental Permit has not yet been granted and we will continue to oppose it every step of the way.”


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