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  1. Dear Jane, I am so proud of your determination an commitment to DIAG. As a Barry girl, you have always been a champion amongst politicians to do the right thing
    and DIAG must feel very proud of your determination. There are far better ways to de-centralise our waste streams, economically, environmentally and sustainably. Best always Jenny


  2. Jane why don’t you demand an environmental impact assessment? Please do something. You are acting as if you are a member of the public but you are an AM, you have power please use it.


    • From Jane: I submitted my objection to the incinerator back in 2009 and wrote to the Welsh Government highlighting the need for a full EIA for the incinerator proposal. I have supported DIAG and local residents ever since-successfully calling for extensions to consultations and stressing the adverse environmental and public health impacts of this development. The fight will continue in 2018.


      • Jane, I believe you are being thorough and rightly so for your constituents and for the health and well-being of the communities within the area. Keep up your fight its is commendable. Best wishes


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