Jane Hutt Meets DIAG to Hear Latest Concerns

Jane Hutt AM takes action forward with the Barry Docks Incinerator Action Group

Jane met  the DIAG Liaison Team in Castleland Community Centre on 15th March, following a weekend of horrendous noise, disruption and plumes of smoke causing high levels of concern and public anxiety. Jane met the group to plan a way forward for the campaign against the Biomass Incinerator in Barry.

Jane Hutt said: –

 “The decision by Natural Resources Wales on 7th February to grant an Environmental Permit to Biomass UK No.2 Ltd has created a renewed momentum for the DIAG and their supporters and I am pleased to work with them to take action forward.

As a result of my representations, the Future Generations Commissioner for Wales is reviewing how NRW grants Environmental Permits- it must include the Barry Biomass Incinerator.

At the same time, I have called upon the Welsh Government to undertake an Environmental Impact Assessment on the second planning application as submitted by Biomass UK for the construction of a water tower and carpark at the plant on Woodham Road.  The Minister for Environment has agreed to consider this and I am pressing for this in Oral Questions in the Assembly.”

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