Update on Biomass from Jane Hutt AM

From the moment the Environmental Permit was granted to Biomass UK No 2, I have encouraged the people of Barry to raise their deep concerns about the risks of the incinerator.

Over the course of the past 18 months, I have attended and facilitated meetings with a wide range of agencies,  including Natural Resources Wales, DIAG, Barry Town Council, Associated British Ports, Cardiff and Vale University Health Board, South Wales Fire and Rescue Service, Public Health Wales, the Health and Safety Executive and the Future Generations Commissioner.

I have endeavoured to take strategic action to support the community, and there remain very specific areas in which we can still argue the case against the incinerator.

Since the granting of the permit, I have concentrated on: seeking an EIA (Environmental Impact Assessment) for the second planning application; raising this with the Environment Minister via my questions in the Assembly; the water quality in the Docks; the repercussive effects of an incident at the plant; the review by the Future Generations Commissioner; the eligibility of the Biomass plant for the Renewable Obligations Certificate subsidy; the responsibilities of the Health and Safety Executive and the Maritime Coastguard Agency.

I made the case for an EIA in direct response to the Biomass Second Planning Application for a Fire Water Tank and Car Park.  (See my website for details)

This paper sets out the criteria for an EIA on the Biomass Plant at Barry Docks.

I have also met and entered into correspondence with the Health and Safety Executive and the Maritime and Coastguard Agency seeking information and assurances concerning the risk to industry on the Docks Estate, should an incident at the Incinerator threaten a domino effect upon Dow Silicones, Hexion UK, S and K Haulage, the Bomar Quest and the Stolt Sandpiper chemical tankers that frequently visit Barry Docks with chemical cargoes.

In November 2017, I met the Future Generations Commission Director of Policy, Legislation and Innovation. I am pleased to say that the Commissioner has announced a review of how the Wellbeing of Future Generations Act applies to NRW’s environmental permitting decisions.

 I have written again to the Commissioner assuring her of my assistance and have sent her my paper on EIA Criteria and my more extensive Impact Assessment over the last 18 months.

I will continue my efforts to support community opposition to the incinerator.

My call for an Environmental Impact Assessment can be read here:-

Environmental Impact Assessment Paper April 2018



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