Jane Supports Mark Drakeford for Next FM

untitledCarwyn Jones has been an outstanding leader of Welsh Labour and First Minister for more than 8 years,  and I was his colleague and Minister in his Government for 15 years,  securing pioneering legislation in housing, social services, health, trade union rights and the environment.
He was able to do this because he secured a Welsh Labour Government in 2011 and 2016, leading strong election campaigns with the people of Wales backing Labour again and again as the largest party in the Assembly.
The people of Bridgend have been well served by Carwyn Jones as their local AM,  tirelessly working to support local communities, businesses, and  helping to protect local services and bringing in new jobs and opportunities such as Aston Martin in the Vale – which will benefit the wider region.
I believe the next leader of Welsh Labour will need a track record in politics and in Government. Most of all the next leader must have integrity,  and be able to reach out to all views and opinions in the Party,  which reflect those of the people of Wales.
My first choice for Welsh Labour Leader and First Minister is former county councillor, probation officer, Professor of Social Policy, Health and Finance Minister – Mark Drakeford AM.

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