New SAFE Foundation Ethical Boutique Opens

IMG_0531 (1)

Caz Clarke and Hannah Canning at the new SAFE shop in Whitchurch Road, Cardiff 

I dropped in to the new ethical boutique run by the SAFE Foundation charity, at Whitchurch Road, Cardiff. SAFE was developed by the inspiring Barry twins Lucy and Hannah Dickenson, to support small-scale development projects across the world,  including the Toronto district of Uganda, which is also supported by Vale for Africa.
Everything SAFE does is built on the memory and experience of Lucy,  who lost her life whilst supporting communities in Africa. As well as selling vintage clothes, furniture, jewellery and crafts, the shop will hold workshops to discuss topics including food waste, recycling and choosing ethical products. Practical workshops will also take place every month,  teaching people how to fix broken electrical goods and household items. All the money raised will go towards SAFE projects.

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