Welsh Women’s Voices Must Be Heard on Brexit

23 07 18 Women in Europe– Women in Wales For Europe Network launched –


An influential group of women leaders, representing all aspects of Welsh life and work, have established the ‘Women in Wales For Europe Network’.

Chaired and hosted by Jane Hutt AM, the network is committed to ensuring relationships with Europe are maintained and that Welsh women’s voices are heard on Brexit.

Discussions are focused on the equality and human rights implications of Brexit in Wales, including the disproportionate socio economic impact on women and the threat to women’s rights and gender equality. The group’s call to action includes a commitment to using its many networks to inform women about what Brexit really means for them, their families and communities and to empower them to challenge inequalities and influence decision making.

Jane Hutt, who set up the group in liaison with the independent pro-European campaign group Wales For Europe, said she was delighted with the range and breadth of organisations and sectors taking part, and their determination to confront and eliminate discrimination.

“We know that, with Brexit, we are facing uncertain times. The Welsh Government has already stated that Wales ‘must not lose a penny of funding due to Brexit.’  That is very important, particularly for women in relation to, for example, domestic violence services, employment programmes and health and well-being. In addition we must ensure that women’s rights are not allowed to roll backwards and that hate crime and discrimination based on nationality (both EU nationals and those of other countries) is prevented.

“The Women in Wales For Europe Network, collectively and individually, will be a voice of conscience, working to ensure that equality and human rights are not sidelined during the negotiations but are always part of mainstream discussions.”


For further information, please contact:

Helen Birtwhistle Director, Wales For Europe


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