Hinkley Point Dredging Concerns


I have been raising concerns on behalf of my Vale of Glamorgan constituents about the impact of dredging mud and sediment from Hinkley Point A and B nuclear power plants, since the issue first arose last September. There are fears that the mud being moved across the Bristol Channel, to a site about a mile from the Welsh coastline,  could be contaminated, and naturally some Vale of Glamorgan residents are concerned about this. I have written to the  Cabinet Secretary for Energy, Planning and Rural Affairs at the Welsh Government several times about this, and also spoke at the Petitions Committee about concerns raised with me about sampling of deep layers of mud. In the Senedd this week I spoke again on this important issue (transcript below)  stating that I would like to see an Environmental Impact Assessment carried out. My colleague Julie Morgan AM shares  my concerns, and also raised the issue in the Senedd,  asking for further scientific evidence.

Transcript from Jane Hutt’s question on Hinkley Point  19 Sep 2018 

Thank you, Cabinet Secretary. You’ll be aware that I raised two questions yesterday on the business statement, and I do appreciate the constraints you face in terms of responding to these as a result of the legal position that you’re in at the moment. But I did ask a question on the business statement regarding the lack of an environmental impact assessment on the Hinkley Point mud concerns, and I think that’s something that clearly would be helpful if at all possible, to have some kind of clarification on prospects for an environmental impact assessment, but also constituents have raised specific concerns, which I did also raise in the Petitions Committee debate, about inadequate sampling of deeper layers of mud. So, clearly, there is a great deal of public concern, and I am aware that Richard Bramhall of the Low Level Radiation Campaign, a former member of the UK Government’s committee examining radiation risks for internal emitters, voiced worries about the test. So, again, this is an opportunity today to put those questions again on the record, and I also would be grateful for any further clarification, within the constraints that you face, that you can give us.

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