Jane Welcomes Constituents and Charities to the Senedd to mark World Cancer Day

World cancer day (2)

On Monday 4th February, I was privileged to welcome constituents and charities to the Senedd in Cardiff Bay, to mark World Cancer Day. I was joined by members of The Gloves Are On campaign, led by Soraya Kelly,  who brought together a range of third sector workers and volunteers to pay tribute to the work they do.

It was wonderful to meet everyone and to hear their stories. Without these organisations,  the lives of so many people would look very different,  and I would like to thank Soraya and everyone who visited the Senedd for everything that they do.

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  1. Hi Jane, Just wondering what you feel about Alun Cairns advertising in the benefice magazine?
    I am considering making a complaint to the Editor because I do not think it is appropriate to have political parties promoting themselves in the magazine. I feel the magazine should be apolitical. Thank you for your time.


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