Update on School Funding


The National Assembly for Wales Children, Young People and Education Committee is currently conducting an inquiry into the sufficiency of school funding in Wales, and the way school budgets are determined and allocated. As regards the opportunities to consider school funding from cross party perspectives, I am glad to report that this inquiry is a cross party piece of work and the report produced is likely to be published early to mid-July.

The inquiry will look at:

  • the sufficiency of provision for school budgets, in the context of other public service budgets and available resources;
  • the extent to which the level of provision for school budgets complements or inhibits delivery of the Welsh Government’s policy objectives;
  • the relationship, balance and transparency between various sources of schools’ funding, including core budgets and hypothecated funding;
  • the local government funding formula and the weighting given to education and school budgets specifically within the Local Government Settlement;
  • Welsh Government oversight of how Local Authorities set individual schools’ budgets including, for example, the weighting given to factors such as age profile of pupils, deprivation, language of provision, number of pupils with Additional Learning Needs and pre-compulsory age provision;
  • progress and developments since previous Assembly Committees’ reviews and
  • the availability and use of comparisons between education funding and school budgets in Wales and other UK nations.

I will publicise the Committee’s report as soon as it is published.

I hope this is helpful.

Jane Hutt AM

7th June 2019

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