Jane Hutt AM Statement on the Barry Biomass Incinerator

On behalf of my constituents I am calling for open, efficient and transparent evidence of rigorous monitoring of the Barry Biomass Incinerator by Shared Regulatory Services, Natural Resources Wales and Public Health Wales. I will be meeting with them to clarify and confirm these arrangements.

The monitoring equipment (sensors) based on Dock View Road and other locations in Barry must be fully functioning 24/7 and analysed for public record. All incidents witnessed and reported must be acknowledged and responded to by the authorities

I would like to thank the Docks Incinerator Action Group and all constituents who have made representations to myself and to the Welsh Government, for their continued commitment and contact with their elected representatives.

I expect the timings and arrangements for the independent public consultation on the Barry Biomass Company Environmental Statement to be confirmed as a matter of priority.

Based on my experiences of the Barry Incinerator I will call for a moratorium to be fully considered in light of my constituents concerns.

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