Jane’s Speech to the All Wales Anti-Racism online Protest-‘We Stand Against Racism’


Thank you for inviting me to take part in this All Wales International Anti-Racism online Protest.

Thank you to Race Council Cymru, in partnership with BAWSO and Wales TUC for organising this powerful event.

I am here with you as Equalities Minister in the Welsh Government and I am here to say on behalf of the Welsh Government

‘We stand against Racism’

But words are not good enough – what we need is Action and what we need to prove is that we are prepared to act… as the young people have said today and last Sunday night at the event I attended with the voices and words  I’ve have been hearing over the past few days of being…

A Minister …in government

Being responsible and taking responsibility.

One of the messages from the Sunday protest was that we should not just be allies we need to be apprentices if we are to learn – to get it right and be told when we are failing so we can learn anew with your guidance.

Only 10 days ago in our Senedd –in our Welsh Parliament I described the death of George Floyd as a tragedy, a terrible injustice and I said we must not for a second think that Wales is immune from racism towards all people of colour. Intolerance and prejudice still resides in our communities. I stand in solidarity and against racism and injustice wherever it takes place

So – Being a Minister here in Wales what does that mean? … it means action

Last week I read the words of Baroness Valerie Amos who said

‘We have had report after report which shows the depth of racism in Britain. We need to stop writing reports and actually start tackling racism at the root.’

George Floyd’s brother Philorise Floyd at his brother’s funeral

‘Racism is also a pandemic’

Prof Raj Bhopal University of Edinburgh said

‘Enough is enough. Be the leaders that this country, this world needs.’

These were calls to us in government, nationally, locally, internationally to stand against racism. With you,.

In April Our First Minister Mark Drakeford launched an urgent investigation asking Judge Ray Singh, Professor Emmanuel Ogbonna and Professor Keshav Singhal with partners here today to look at the impact of Covid 19 on people of colour.

The risk assessment tool is in place and being used, and their forthcoming report will show the way we in government need to tackle the roots – not just in health and social care but in housing, in jobs, in education –  using every strand of power we have got to act on the evidence, the facts, the truth..

The Wales Race Equality Action Plan will follow as we look to the future as well as the present to tackle these deep rooted inequalities.

Next week we celebrate Wales Refugee Week and I was proud to launch Wales as a Nation of Sanctuary last year. We must make that real for our refugees and asylum seekers.

I will be meeting our honoured Windrush Elders who have lost loved ones from the Covid pandemic and as Amelia Gentleman has said today the policies that caused the Windrush scandal must be repealed.

We stand with you against racism. Enough is enough.

We must act, we will act and you must hold us to that commitment.

Diolch yn fawr

Jane Hutt MS

Deputy Minister and Chief Whip

June 13th 2020104003341_2924604950994136_2045111119526201609_n

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