Jane Hutt Re-Elected for the Vale of Glamorgan

After a very long intense day, I’m absolutely thrilled that I’ve had the support from the people of the Vale of Glamorgan once again, and so I’m ready now and freshly renewed to serve the Vale.

Mark Drakeford has made a huge impact, I brought him here, and people came out of their houses to thank him, and to say how well they felt that he’d led Wales through the pandemic. His two key words for this election have been about trust and ambition.Trust in the way that we have managed the pandemic, and of course I have been a part of his Government, proud to be part of his Government, but also that we move Wales forward.

I’m very devoted to the Vale of Glamorgan, living here, working here for the last 22 years, serving the Vale, and I’m just so delighted I’ve been given the opportunity to serve the next term. Thank you to everyone who has put their trust in me.

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